Sunny Maid Corporation is an import company located in the Los Angeles area.  Established in 1982, we have over 35 years of experience importing and distributing high quality Taiwan food and drink products throughout the North America region.  It all started with our very first product, Chicken Flavored Instant Ramen – it was branded as Sung Li Mein.  Sung Li Mein sounded like Sunny Maid and it projected an image of a young lady serving food with a friendly sunny smile.  From there, the company name was born.  Sunny Maid.  We wear the moniker with pride.


Our commitment is to work with our manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to continuously bring high quality products from Taiwan to you.

Our first product - Sung Li Mein

Featured Brand — Mr Brown Coffee

During the early 1980s, in the midst of the canned coffee market in Japanese, “Mr. Brown Coffee” was introduced  into the Taiwanese market creating a coffee culture on the island. The bearded, curly haired, charming Mr. Brown in a white suit was appealing to the market.  The popularity of Brown Coffee launched the mainstream coffee habit in Taiwan and laid a foundation for canned coffee as an important part of the beverage market.

Mr Brown Coffee has a strong presence in Asia, North America, and Europe including Cyprus and Brunei.  To complement the brand, Mr Brown also opened over 20 Mr Brown Cafes throughout Taiwan.